Welcome to Aya Healthcare Reviews! This page displays performance reviews of Aya Healthcare recruiters and operations employees from nurses currently working for the company. The Reviews are real and uncompensated.

Aya Healthcare Reviews: September 22nd, 2014


Barbara was very personable and easy to talk to. I felt like we had formed a bond within a few minutes of speaking on the phone. She shared some of her life experiences with me and we found things we had in common. I found myself taking her advice to heart because I trusted what she had to say. She also was not in a hurry to get me to commit to anything and seemed to really have my best interests in mind. -Erika

Helen is wonderful! So easy to talk to and I can tell she really does care about getting me the perfect job for me and Lilie, my dog! Which means everything to me! – Michaela G.

Oliver was so polite, courteous, and professional on the phone. It’s nice to have spot-checks and follow-ups from Aya Healthcare as it exhibits their ongoing interest in my professional endeavors. I am glad to be in contact with an agency that makes the experience such a personal one. –Sara P

Jamie gave excellent detailed information regarding travel nursing to a novice. Answered multiple questions without rushing. I felt very comfortable talking with Jamie and feel confident she will do her best to make the transition to traveling RN seamless. -Darlene H.

Meghan is the absolute best! So friendly, professional, and positive! I’ve been so fortunate to work with her. –Rachel S.

Danielle is a gem. I was incredibly lucky to fall into her knowing hands for my first ever stint at travel nursing. She is thorough, knowledgeable, patient, smart, thoughtful and efficient. Even if I couldn’t reach her on my first call, she was always quick to get back to me. She was fast to make moves when I needed help and she was always such an excellent listener when all I wanted was to vent. I don’t think my travel experience could have been better if I didn’t have Danielle as my recruiter. She is an incredible resource and was one of the main reasons I stuck with it for two years. –Liz W.

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Aya Healthcare Reviews: September 16th, 2014

Kelli and Thomas have consistently been supportive and positive even when I was overwhelmed with challenges. I really appreciate their humor and professionalism. – Debra D.

Barbara Deggelman has always been the consummate professional since we talked from day one. She is always courteous and respectful. Barbara exudes energy and zeal that is rare in people and is a definite asset to the company. She always returns calls promptly and keeps the times setup and is never late. Barbara Deggelman is a joy and pleasure to which I’ve had the esteem pleasure to work with. – Dennis P.

Veronica was awesome! Her energy and enthusiasm were impressive and her attentiveness showed that she really cares. She provides excellent, personal service. – Heidi J.

Amanda is so on top of all the necessary paperwork, makes it so easy for me :) – Mundi D.

Brooke is very professional. She called me three times the first day and provided me with my application information, new job alerts, and spoke of future plans. I will be switching to AYA due to Brooke’s professionalism and friendliness. I enjoyed our conversations. – James F.

Zeid was very professional, very friendly, and gave me detailed answers to my many questions. He is by far the most approachable and thorough recruiter I have yet to come into contact with.- Julie

Alyssa is always great. She is on top of it and always tries to do everything in her power to make my life better and easier with my travel assignment. -Lydia

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Aya Healthcare Reviews: February 14th, 2014

Aya Healthcare Reviews


Letissa is very prompt and polite and answers back calls and text within a reasonable time!- Ashaunte

Working with Meghan has been great! She keeps me informed and is diligent in getting assignments that are suitable for my skill level and specialty. -Bilee S

Veronica is pleasant, courteous and knowledgable. -Nadege H

Meghan is very personable and always has your best interest at heart. She is the best! -Meghan S

James has a natural friendly approach, Will make me want to call when I’m ready to travel. -Jeff E

Matt has a very pleasant demeanor, well-spoken over the phone. Cordial and polite, succinct and thorough in disseminating information. – Kristin C

I’m so happy that Lori and I working together! She is so upbeat and positive about everything-I try to be that way too, so I know we’ll have a great time! -Susan S

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Aya Healthcare Reviews: February 7th, 2014

Aya Healthcare Reviews

I have spoke with Zeid on several occasions and I am more satisfied each time I do so. He is friendly. loyal, and persistent (appropriate). Although, I’ve let him know that I wasn’t sure when I’d start, he continues to call me with friendly updates. I mention this because I’ve spoken to other agencies and when I mention this, they never call back. With Zeid, I feel like he’s loyal and I have gained a great rapport with him. My start date to travel is “up in the air” but I am certain of the recruiter I’ll choose-Zeid. – Crystal D

It was great talking with Austin …..his compassion and sincerity with my current situation was greatly appreciated. I look forward to working with him in the future. -Catherine M
Krista consistently contacts me when there are new jobs in my specialty. -Donna B

Austin was understanding of my current commitments, yet still informed me of opportunities available at Aya and asked appropriate questions to bring my file up to date. Not pushy. I appreciated the balance from an agency recruiter and will definitely keep the emailed contact info when I’m ready for another option!- Laura S

Jamie was very professional & courteous during our correspondence! I hope we have the opportunity to work together in the near future. – Angela S

Leanne has been so great in assisting me with my application process-very kind and helpful! -Karen W

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Aya Healthcare Reviews: January 31st, 2014

aya healthcare review


Thomas has been so good to work with. I’m planning on travel nursing in a few months and he has been so good to keep in touch with me and understanding of my situation. I appreciate his professionalism and emailing me personally. -Trish L

Kristan is very professional over the phone and prompt in sending requested information. -Luke B

Thomas and I are working really well together. This is my first assignment and I feel really comfortable with him as my liaison. -Meagan G

Meghan is very professional and diligent in assisting with employment opportunities. She always has a positive attitude. I appreciate all her hard work. – Mary W

Chelsie’s email got my attention. I am still looking for that perfect job to fit my changing life. My cell phone is 774-238-1222 if I have something that fits your need. -Lori D

Cheryl was very informative of current assignments. Pleasant attitude, I could here the smile in her voice. – Sam M

Chelsie answered all my questions and did not make me feel silly for asking them. Thank you for that. -Kathy

Thomas is super friendly and helpful. Thank you for taking the time to talk with me through so many options! -Karolyn M


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Aya Healthcare Reviews: January 24th, 2014

Aya Healthcare Reviews


Thomas has a friendly nature.  He is easy to communicate with, and made this assignment happen very fast! – Debra M

Shannon has always worked hard to find me work. I really appreciate her time and effort. -Christy

Carly is very attentive and helpful and has really made this transition into travel nursing a pleasant experience. I am impressed with her professionalism and adore her personality -Jennifer G

Sherell is very knowledgeable about the industry. Answered all of my questions. Thanks. I’m looking forward to working for this company in the near future- Michael L

Thomas was courteous, compassionate and accommodating. Thomas listened to me. -Tracie T

Shannon went the extra mile or fooled me so well that I should resign from Mensa . Seriously, Ramona and I are doing this for my mom and not for savings. Shannon’s serivce allowed Aya to beat out six other agencies. – Michael F

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Aya Healthcare Reviews: January 10th, 2014

Aya Healthcare Review


Meghan actually seemed to understand where I was coming from and did not attempt to pressure me into something I did not want to do. Meghan followed up with an email like you promised and she were very polite. -Marty C

Austin went above and beyond to help me with my request. I appreciate his service and hope that his genuine concern for customers is recognized among his staff- Jennifer S

Rachel is always quick to respond, gives clear direction with a pleasant demeanor- Susan L

Carly is amazing! She always keeps in constant contact with me and is on top of everything! She understands what is important to her clients and I really felt like my best interest was one of her major concerns ! Love her ! – John C

I love working with Rachael!!  She always gets back to me in a timely manner and has such a pleasant, upbeat personality! – Karen B

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Aya Healthcare Reviews: January 3rd, 2014


Victoria displays very good communication. Has answered all my questions so far. Look forward to connecting with in near future. -Andrew B

Ann is always on the ball and I feel like I can ask her questions anytime. I really appreciate how warm and welcoming she is as well! Aya is a great company! I just love all of you :) -  Kayla L

Victoria has maintained contact with me and made every effort to help me seek work. -Pamela A

Lori is an excellent recruiter and an much needed asset for Aya Healthcare to have on their team. -Melody L

Nicole responds to my questions quickly, is pleasant and very friendly and do a great job!- Megan R

Wes is just awesome to work with, he is so friendly and helpful!! -Cindy Y

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Aya Healthcare Reviews: December 20th, 2013

I am a registered nurse with almost one year of travel experience with Aya Healthcare.  As we approach the year-end I find myself reflecting on this fantastic year that I have been so blessed with.  I would like to share that one of my favorite virtues is gratitude, and with that I find it very fitting to extend a special thank you to a very wonderful woman who has a true passion for her work and a huge impact on my career.
Cheryl , my valued recruiter, has been with  me from day one when I chose to take on this traveling nurse endeavor.  On every level Cheryl has offered support as she so efficiently coordinates her resources and team members, in addition to maintaining a very special relationship with me that has fostered growth, faith, and ultimately perseverance.  I have learned that the travel nursing world is very competitive and complex, and yet when faced with challenges Cheryl shines and rises to the occasion with such grace and professionalism.  I am likely speaking for the majority of travel nurses when I say that taking on travel assignments is especially challenging when considering all of the variables…facing the “unknown”, coping with the pressure to learn quickly and be successful instantaneously, adjust to new surroundings and “home” environments, endure separation from family members…the list goes on.  Knowing these struggles exist naturally within our spectrum of work, it means that much more that I have had such solid, reliable, and caring support from perhaps the best recruiter in the industry.  With much gratitude I thank you, Cheryl, for believing in me and so proudly representing me as a valuable asset to your nursing team! Behind an excellent recruiter is an awesome network of teamwork.  I would also like to extend a special thank you to the Aya team who has worked diligently to provide consistent, reliable support.  I stand by the old saying “Where there is structure, there is function.”  Aya has proven this analogy to be true, and I am most grateful for having access to such amazing resources that have assisted me in achieving my main goal: taking care of our people in a place and time of need.  Together, I do believe we are achieving a very special goal!      I would like to wish the entire Aya team a warm holiday season.  May you all have a fruitful, loving, and safe holiday season! With Gratitude,  Tasha C, BSN, RN

Zeid is always on top of the ball! I am able to reach him throughout the day by phone or email. He is so fast and great at what he does!- Kayla L

Brooke was very friendly and I felt very comfortable talking to her not just about travel positions but my upcoming move to Denver. She was always quick to respond to my questions. I will definitely refer colleagues to her and Aya in the future. -Sara L

Rachel is Friendly. Happy. Helpful. All that in our first 5 minute conversation. -Marty K

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Aya Healthcare Reviews: December 13th, 2013


Shannon is personable; she made me feel like you actually cared about what I wanted and if I would be happy. Travel nursing is not an easy decision- Anonymous

Greg has a great speaking voice. Friendly with good customer service.

Very personable, friendly, and positive. Gotta Love you Steve Nunez. -Golden M

Thank you Krista for the information so far. You responded very quickly on my emails and you were very easy to talk to on the phone and I never felt forced. Thank you again. – Erika T

Ryan provides prompt and informative responses.  Also, I like the fact that his emails are personable. Thanks! -Stacy W

Sherell is very friendly, courteous, and follows up as promised.  On top of that, when it came to getting me placed where I wanted she was awesome . Very fast at getting ahold of me every step of the way.- Sarah J

Kim was light hearted and easy to speak to.  We had a great conservation but she also was knowledgeable and gave me the push needed to expand my availability options and the info need to complete my application:) – Ruth B

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